Structure of Finance Functions, M & A for Inversion, Private Equity, and IP Valuation

When organizations have excess cash on balance sheet compared to their peers, they become acquisition targets to both Private Equity and competition. We help our global customers in formulating strategies to profitably deploy excess cash in a low interest rate, high currency volatility environment. Comparing the impact of increased dividends and stock repurchase on equity prices requires modeling through complex Analytics. Private Equity firms are relentlessly looking for firms with excess cash to pursue LBO.

Making a decision about whether organizations should refinance their debt and take more debt in a low interest rate environment is time consuming and hard. Large firms hoard cash in offshore funds and acquire more debt in the US to avoid unfair corporate tax laws. How to navigate such complex situations? We advise our customers to model the process to ensure compliance and to achieve above benchmark returns.

We advise companies about how to improve value for all parities involved by M & A process. Whenever cross-border M & A is involved risks increase substantially due to regulations, culture clash and forex issues. We have the experience and expertise to guide organizations through complex M & A. Can organizations drive growth through cross-border M & A rather than viewing them as cost cutting measures? We offer consulting services in strategic M & A arena to improve our customers' IP valuation.