• Analytics in Finance
    Through Analytics we help Private Equity firms understand
    where in the normal curve target companies' cash on balance sheet and
    liabilities fall. We use Analytics to value IP more accurately.
    We support PE firms with post acquisition operational excellence
    services. Our experience working with OEMs in Asia and Latin America
    substantially improves the odds of M & A success.
  • Shiva Systems IT and Supply Chain
    Market and Demand volatility is not easy to predict.
    Making end-to-end supply and demand planning are very challenging.
    Real time IT integration leads to business visibility and
    certainity. Cloud, virualization, SAAS and PAAS have
    enabled organization meet strategic goals with minimal costs.
    Software quality and versatility distinguish leaders from others
  • APP...lication Development
    Each mobile OS has a unique presentation style,
    and interaction style and software stack.
    Devices have different screen sizes, input modes
    and hardware capabilities. New devices and OS
    versions introduced multiple times per year. Network
    connectivity and power levels fluctuate widely in
    typical usage scenarios.
  • Global Recruitment
    Our customers have an insatiable appetite for
    top talent. Every conversation with customers ends
    with a request to identify innovative leaders with specific
    skills who can breed future leaders in Banking, Private Equity,
    Suppply Chain, General Management, HR, and IT. When regulations
    change rapidly, companies look for ways to retain competitve
    advantage and market dominance by recruiting senior executives
    with international experience and strong academic credentials.

Finance, HR, Supply Chain, IT & Strategy Consulting

We Deliver Strategy, Logic and Innovation - Not just Management Consulting as a Service. Our Customers Focus on Growth Strategies, Value and ROI and Our High Performance Team Delivers Them - Analytics for Finance, SCM, Customer Acquisition Strategy, Data Velocity, Virtualization, Cloud and more. Our Engagement Models are Partnership based. We offer Strategic insight and low cost operational excellence. Drawing on the unique experience of our employees globally, we bring certainity and visibility. Our strength comes from industry specific insights, Global access to HR talent and technology expertise.

Financial Engineering and IT are driving much of the transformation that is happening in businesses today. Every industry is software driven and IT has become a strategic asset. We anticipate and respond to ongoing technology driven disruptions. We relentlessly prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We help our customers access new markets and create new services through our consulting support.

IT Roadmap for SCM

Application Integration

Real Time data sharing

Integrated IT applications lead to Integrated Planning, Throughput/ Cycle Times Reductions and Optimization of Buffer Stocks.


Real Time Tracking

RFID and Other Digital Technologies Lead to Supply Chain Transparency and Optimization .

Outsourced SCM services

ROI from outsourcing

Leaders Outsource Production and Delivery but Retain Global Control of Strategic Functions.